Llishil, the God Eater, has been building for centuries a force large enough to retake what was once her’s: the power of death itself. The Throne of Death was lost to her when she reclaimed her former name, consuming the essence of several Gods to survive. Llishil fled to a distant land, destroying it’s pantheon and enslaving it’s people for her army.

But there is hope, for not all have fallen to her. A city stands between the army of Llishil and the territory she once governed, and this city is all that stands between her and vengeance. The city is protected and aided by a group of Demigods. These Demigods are the children of the Pantheon that once ruled here, surviving so long because the former Gods bestowed them with immortality just before they were consumed. These Demigods fight Llishil herself, but cannot fight her armies alone, for their power is limited. The City they inhabit, Dekurn, is a vast area but with every warrior who falls Llishil’s army grows for her army is that of the dead.

Llishil’s army is forged using what little power over death Llishil managed to retain, creating creatures who are not Revenaunts or Zombies, but something in-between known as Vermas.

Dekurn grows weak, Llishil is growing stronger, and time is running out.

The Curse of Llishil