Dekurn is the last strong hold between Llishil and the rest of the world. Dekurn is inhabited by almost every race, though is predominantly Warforged. Warforged became increasingly more and more important to the people of Dekurn, because as their armies fell they needed more soldiers to take up arms, and the Warforged were “born” as they could not become Vermas when they die.

The Warforged are completely self sufficient, having personalities and lifestyles all their own. Warforged are typically seen as citizens and not Golems or machines; though all Warforged acknowledge that their creator was a gnome long since passed. However their are some who regard the Warforged with little respect, barley acknowledging that they are “alive”, treating them only as self-aware machines and nothing more. Most Warforged are created by the militia’s mechanics in units, as such many Warforged are called by numbers and not names. It is almost unheard of a mechanic naming a Warforged and not assigning a number, a Warforged with a name is typically viewed as a “superior” model. The Warforged are usually sent out on the front lines first in front of the King’s knights.

Dekurn is ruled by a King who line is said to have overcome Llishil’s curse when she first struck their people. As a result the King and all of his Heirs look sickly and somewhat similar to a true Revenaunt, though they are every bit as strong as any warrior they command. The current King is King Seross, age 49, the Queen is the Lady Risia, age 43, they currently have two heirs: Prince Atid the Third, age 20, and Princess Rhaen age 16.

Dekurn is constantly attacked by the armies of Llishil, though to this date they have yet to penetrate the great wall that surrounds the city. The city of Dekurn was once a city of bright coloration, it’s walls, towers, and castle shown in the regal colors of blue, white and silver. It’s surrounding territories was a mix of rolling green plains and small but dense forests.

Today the city is black and grey and the sent of sulfur and burnt flesh is unavoidable. The landscape is now charred and nearly barren, bodies lay burnt mixed with armor and the shattered remains of Warforged. The ground is jagged, turned to slag by Llishil’s curse. Occasionally toxic steam seeps from the earth and in the distance small volcanoes erupt on occasion. If one looks far enough to the east they can spot plumes of smoke that never stop billowing. Beneath that smoke just out of sight is Llishil’s kingdom: Genaldel.


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